The Secret to Pillow Inserts

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Ever wonder why throw pillows look so amazing in magazines and websites? It's the inserts... and graphic designers, but we'll stick to the inserts 💁😁

The right sized insert will make your pillow shine! Here's how:

1) If you have a 20x20 pillow.... you need a 20x20 insert. If it's a good quality pillow, the seamstress will make the pillow a little smaller than 20x20 so that your insert fills the pillow perfectly. 😎

2) The Filling: Down will always give you the best look and karate chop. BUT if you're allergic, we have a down alternative (polyester fill) that will give you the look but not that itchy nose.

3) When putting the insert into the pillow, fold the insert in half and then unfold once it's inside the pillow cover. That way you don't rip the cover, scratch your hands or curse the insert. (Your kids may be listening 😜)

Best kept secret yet and we're sharing our knowledge with you! Comment below if you have any tips on the topic. We'd love to hear about different ideas you have come up with.


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