Be Your Own Designer


No project is too small or big! 

Our whole goal is to make custom approachable, so that you can have that unique piece at any price points. We do this by listening to your ideas, and following your lead when it comes to style, and price point.  So don’t hesitate to reach out, inquire about pricing, or ask questions, we’d love to work with you.  Curious about the process? Here’s how it works!


  1. Email us the project you are currently working on. 

  2. We will follow up with you, and send you our design survey to learn more about your style. 

  3. If you are local, we will then set up a time to come see your space, try a few things based on the information you provided us, and brainstorm.

  4. If you are out of town, we can do all of this via video chat, pictures and email.

  5. Next, that’s where the magic happens! We will work behind the scenes to pick fabrics, and come up with a few options for your space.

  6. We will send you a proposal of options, pricing, and answer questions you may have.

  7. Once you find something you love, we send you a final invoice for you to review and approve.

  8. Once the the invoice is paid in full, the work will be completed, and delivered.


     People love to shop around and we totally get that, so to give our customers a better understanding of our pricing, we provide a tiered pricing structure.  We have four tiers, with the fourth tier being the highest quality of fabric with amazing design details.  While the options for custom products are endless, pillows are an easy item to show our pricing structure. The fabric industry is vast, and the price of fabric varies dramatically so we hope these tiers provide you a little more detail.  We are happy to order fabric from any of the fabric manufacturers, and strive to work on getting you the best price. With that said, please don't hesitate to shop around! If you find a remnant or fabric of your dreams, we’d still be happy to do the work.  Our goal is to create your unique piece the easiest way possible. 

Custom Pillow Pricing           

Tier 1 - $50 to $100         

Tier 2 - $100 to $160        

 Tier 3 - $150 to $225       

Tier 4 - $225 and Up        

Please note that we'd be happy to solely order fabric for you for your next project as  many fabric companies only sell to designers.